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Becoming a Partner

If you are a brokerage provider you will want to benefit from NanoTrader's immense growth rate by providing NanoTrader directly to your clients. Fipertec has set up a process that allows you to literally jump-start with this exciting technology. Here is what we offer:


  • You will receive a straightforward online permissioning tool that allows you to grant your users access to the various versions of NanoTrader. All client data remains at your side so your clients are not known by Fipertec.
  • The permissioning tool also allows you to grant access to the historical data from vwd group. Hence your client receives a turn key solution for charting and trading directly from you.
  • Fipertec will charge you monthly based on the licenses you granted to your clients.
  • Optionally you can let your clients subscribe to NanoTrader directly on the Fipertec site and thus avoid any administrative actions.

NanoTrader Installation and Demos

  • You will receive a download link for NanoTrader that you can place on your website or you can send it directly to your clients.
  • Each new user has automatically a free 14-day-trial of the full NanoTrader functionality. The free trial also contains historical data from vwd group. Using the PlayBack wizard this data can be turned into live data. Hence the user gets the full experience of NanoTrader without requiring any administrative set up or data connectivity tasks to perform.


Fipertec offers a full range of supporting marketing material to create the appropriate awareness for your new product. This includes:

  • product information
  • screenshots
  • an extensive library of training videos
  • webinars hosted by Fipertec for your client base
  • recorded webinars
  • you will be listed on our Partners page


Fipertec provides phone support for you and email support to your customers.


We are eager to make your staff fully aware of the superior functionality of NanoTrader. Therefore in the starting phase we offer specific free webinars for your sales and support staff.

Become a Partner Today

If you are interested in joining Fipertec's partner network please drop us a note and we will come back to you immediately.

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