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NanoTrader Indicator API

NanoTrader provides a comfortable API allowing to integrate custom developed indicators as Win32 DLLs. Such an indicator plugin works exactly as a NanoTader built-in indicator, i.e., it can be used

  • as Sentimentor
  • as Filter
  • as Blocker
  • als Price Stop
  • as Tactic

Moreover the API allows to optionally rely on the built-in schemes for sentiment generation including the associated configuration dialogs.

The Indicator API is best-suited for computing complex and/or computational intense indicators that go beyond the scope of NanoTrader-Express. Moreover it is an ideal mechanism for third party developers to provide plugins.

If you are interested in the SDK please send your request to


"I consider the concepts of TradeGurads, Tactics and the MetaSentimentor as excellent. The Indciator API provides an additional superior breakthrough opening up a new dimension for ambitioned traders."

Dr. Peter Kovács